What is the redefining nomad campaign?

“A hip person, traveling to change the world from the journey that they set out on” this is the redefinition that I, Danny Matthews have created for the campaign, redefining nomad. As a nomad, my journey is to validate young people’s choice to chase their dreams while they are young and to overcome the fear of failure and to push the boundaries of creativity.

I am starting the campaign on January 1st, 2020 with the goal in mind to change the definition of the word nomad in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. To achieve this goal the word nomad must become a popular word that is used in the way such as defined above. Once the editors from the Dictionary see how the word is used in various sources such as media, newspapers, and magazines the editors will change the definition. Within this campaign, throughout the United States, I will look to create films for various brands and individuals. Specifically, my targeted audience for films is product brands, clothing, and music artist looking to push their ideas. If you are a company or individual looking to collab click here to learn more.

​The reason behind this campaign, and why I want to change the definition of nomad, is over the years defining someone as a nomad has a stigma, and I want to change the negative view to be something an individual strives to become. At the end of my journey, I want free-spirited people to push the limits and have a word that validates what they are doing can work. I want to encourage these people to find ways to change the world with the ideas that are inside their minds all by redefining a simple word.

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